We just tapped what we believe is the first Brut Sour beer in the state of Colorado! 

This second addition to our "Lumos" series of Kettle Soured Ales features pomegranate for a delicious fruitiness and beautiful color and a hint of fresh ginger root for a bit of spiciness.  

The term Brut describes how "dry" this beer is. As is the case with the Brut style of wine, it is very dry or light of body and resembles a sparkling wine. For you homebrewers, this beer came in at a Final Gravity of 1.001.

We don't expect this one to last and may place a limit on crowler and growler sales without prior notice.


We have all 12 taps full now and are working hard to keep the favorites flowing while we roll out some surprising new offerings. 

Stay tuned for new release information on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. And, as always, our live online menu is updated each time we change a tap.

4/25/17:  The Jefferson County Board of Commissioners voted unanimously (3 out of 3) to approve our re-zoning application!  Also, today we were Next with Kyle Clark's "Most Colorado Thing We've Seen Today"!  Scroll down for a link to the 9news story.  Great day, but a lot of work ahead.  
‚Äč4/22/17:  It has been a long time since we have published an update.  We have been facing a variety of challenges, the primary being that our construction permits won't be issued until our re-zoning goes through.  We have our final hearing on April 25th at 10:00 am.  This will take place in the Jefferson County Admin and Court building.  If you are a resident of Jefferson County (and especially if you live close) we would love to see you there to speak on our behalf.  Wish us luck!

1/28/17: Our Federal brewing license has been approved!  To celebrate, we are giving away a couple of t-shirts!  Our brewer has a target number of likes to achieve for our Facebook page!  He isn't disclosing that number, but we are close!  Be the person that gets us to that number of likes and you get to be on of the first to wear a Coal Mine Ave Brewing tee!  Already like us on Facebook?  If you refer the person who gets us to this number, you also get an exclusive t-shirt!

1/7/17: Happy New Year!  Demolition is well underway and we were contacted by the Federal agency that issues brewing licenses (aka: TTB)!  We think it went really well!

12/17/16: First day of demolition started on the space on Friday (12/16)!  Went in to check out the damage.  So excited and relieved to see this part finally underway!

12/5/16: Been a while since we have published an update! Our demolition permits were pulled on 12/1.  We are meeting with our architect on 12/9 to talk about finishes.  Also, our equipment vendor is visiting us from San Diego on the same day!  Oh yeah, check us out on Twitter (@CoalMineAveBrew) and Instagram (@CoalMineAveBrewing)!  Don't be too critical, though, we are just figuring out these new ways of reaching our customers!

11/1/16:  We have been silent for a bit.  Unfortunately, we have been addressing an issue that has come up for us.  There is a trademark conflict with the name we were using.  Though, it pains us to give up our old name, we are ultimately about serving quality craft beers to good people, while still having a yard to let our K-9 companions play off leash.  While our name might be different, our heart is in the same place.  We hope you like our new name: Coal Mine Ave Brewing Company (which fits easily in the art of our logo!) 

10/11/16: Met with our architect, engineers, and general contractor at our location today.  Sounds like we have a good team to get this build-out done!

10/6/16: Jefferson County unanimously approved our liquor license!  This is one step in our licensing process, but we are relieved and excited to get this approval!

10/3/16: We're hoping to join in the spectacle that is the GABF! Might be the last chance we have to go as spectators. If you see us around, please say hi!

9/29/16: Structural engineers, electrical engineers, contractor...all starting to converge!  We are so ready to get this going! 

9/27/16:  Picked up some ingredients for refining our Imperial IPA.  Hopefully we'll be able to report some construction updates soon!

9/23/16:  Checked out a few of the big guys in Fort Collins and had a great time!  Got to stop in and talk with Root Shoot Malting about supplying malt for us. 

9/22/16: We're looking forward to starting demo, hopefully very quickly.  We have also been in talks with a t-shirt vendor!

9/20/16:  Quiet day for us.  Had some minor conversations with our contractor and trying to set up a visit with a potential malting company.  We have small days and we have big days.  What counts is the sum. 

9/19/16:  Had to have a soil composition study done.  Got the results of that and locking in a contractor with whom we have been working and has been a big help.  It was a difficult choice because we met some very good contractors. 

9/18/16: Last night, we were sitting at one of our favorite spots having a beer, when the theme we are going to use for naming our equipment hit us over the head!  We have a few names in mind, but need to expand on the theme.  Details to come!  Amazing what happens when you have a tasty beer in front of you and converse!

9/17/16: We have a goal to add a daily update or thought of the day.  We will publish this on our main page and move to the Update Log so you can check back if you have missed anything!

7/8/16:  We have signed our lease!  We will be located at 9719 W Coal Mine Ave. (unit A) Littleton, CO!  We are looking forward to serving the thirsty community of Ken Caryl!